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Support Philly's Anti-Puppy Mill Bill!

Philadelphia City Council is considering an ordinance to fight puppy mills and save shelter pets by prohibiting pet stores from selling cays and dogs unless they're from a shelter or rescue, and banning the sale of roadside cats and dogs. The Morris Animal Refuge fully supports this measure. Read our Executive Director Lewis Checchia's testimony in favor of the bill below.

Help save the pups!
Find your local council member  and contact them ASAP!
Read the text of the bill.
Sign Best Friends Animal Society's petition.
Learn more about the horrors of puppy mills from the ASPCA.

Testimony on Bill #160013

"Good Afternoon Madam Chair and Councilmembers. My Name is Lewis Checchia and I am the Executive Director of Morris Animal Refuge, an animal shelter located at 1242 Lombard Street here in Philadelphia. Before I begin my testimony, I would just like to quickly thank Councilman Johnson for introducing such an important piece of legislation, Bill #160013.

Morris Animal Refuge was founded in 1874 and is America's First Animal Shelter; and, since our inception we have never turned away any animal in need from our doorsteps.

Morris is an open admission shelter and we are committed to providing the highest level of compassionate care for every animal we take in and to do everything we can to give every animal a second chance and find forever homes for each and every one of them.

This Bill, Bill #160013, will be another positive step for the Philadelphia community in finding even more homes for unwanted, neglected and abused animals.

So rather than pet shops buying puppies and kittens from nefarious puppy mills and supporting the continued existence of these abusive practices, they will instead be helping to provide even more homes for the high number of homeless animals in this community – in effect a full 180 degree turn for the positive.

The Morris Animal Refuge and the four legged furry animals under its care fully support Bill #160013 and also volunteers its assistance in helping to make this Bill a reality.

Thank you again for allowing us the time and consideration to speak in favor of this Bill, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have."