106643 (Angel, Pomeranian-mix dog)   106367 (Coco Chanel, Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull Terrier-mix dog)   106635 (Paco Louis, Chihuahua)   106632 (Dixie Mae, Shepherd-mix dog)
Lovely senior Pomeranian lady Angel is, well, a perfect angel! Her person moved away, so she's looking for a loving lap to snuggle into. She's already spayed, so her adoption fee's only $35. (106643)   Super-sweet young Lab/Pit lady Coco Chanel thinks she's a lap dog & loves to give kisses! An old leg injury could use more TLC. Doesn't know her own strength yet - no kids or pets. (106367)   Paco Louis ia a handsome little  gentleman, an older boy whose person moved away. He does need a little time to get to know you, but once he does he's all snuggles and kisses! (106635)   Sweet Dixie Mae's a loving & loyal Shepherd-mix girl, just ~2 years old - we're helping her w/ a temporary skin condition. She's looking for a big happy family! Housetrained. (106632).
106654 (Emery, pit bull terrier-mix puppy)   106450 (Train, young pit bull terrier-mix dog)   106680a (Matilda and Winifred, white rabbits)   106639ab (Penelope & Persephone, Red-eared Slider turtles)
Emery's an adorable 12 week old pit-mix puppy - he was left tied up in the rain.. A sweet baby boy who loves to run. Looking for puppy training and a home with big dog experience. (106654)   Playful Train was found tied to a SEPTA bridge railing & rescued by 2 of our board members & others. A good boy, 1 year old. who loves toys & simply being around people. Best w/ adults. (106450)   Friendly, cuddly bunny girls Matilda & Winifred (mouseover) were found abandoned in Fairmount Park. They love people, and enjoy nibbling carrots out of your hands and getting petted. Adopt 1 or both! (106680ab)   Red-eared sliders Penelope and Persephone are two sweet, social girls, just four years old.  Unfortunately, their person wasn't able to take care of them anymore. Give them a home! (106639)
106671b/c (dilute tabico kitten Alley; fluffy orange&white kitten Muff)   106670 (Lana, black cat)   106682a Astrid, young brown tabby cat)   106636b (Spike, black & white cat)
Sweet kitten girl Alley wants to say hi! She's here w/ her fluffy orange and white sister Muff (mouseover). Adopt one or both of these friendly and cuddly and altogether awesome ladies! (106671b/c)   Lovely Lana is an adorable sable lady with - most unusually - golden eyes of two different shades. She's a great conversationalist and all around companion. Adopt her!  (106670)   Beautiful Astrid's a calm, friendly young kitty girl, just 1 year old. She kept her kitten Charleotte safe out on the streets - now they both are looking for happy homes. Adopt 1 or both! (106682a)  Spike is a sweet old lady who loves to relax and snuggle, the kind of cat every home needs along with hot tea, freshly baked bread, and a comfy rocking chair. Sadly, her person was allergic. (106636)  
Bonnie is a pretty and affectionate young lady, just 1 year old, and looking for a loving home.  How about yours? (104049b)MilDarPuThem