Report Animal Abuse

• It's probably unfortunate that you've come to this page in our site. It means you probably know of an abused animal, but you don't know what to do about it. At least the animals have a friend like you who wants to take action to stop the abuse.

• We must tell you that in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where we are located, legally, the Morris Animal Refuge is not permitted to take direct action with regard to animal cruelty. Legally, we have no standing in the court and would be criminally liable of theft, a felony, if we removed an animal. It's not that we don't want to take direct action to prevent an animal from being abused; it's just that we're not allowed.

• The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has empowered the Pennsylvania SPCA for matters of this type, throughout the Commonwealth.

• In Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania SPCA is located at 350 East Erie Avenue.

• To report animal abuse in Philadelphia, or throughout Pennsylvania, call the Pennsylvania SPCA at: 1-866-601-SPCA (7722).