Morris is expanding our foster program as a vital part of our lifesaving mission! Foster homes are an essential part of rescuing. With each foster home it allows us to save another animal in need. We need homes that can take in shelter animals, care for them, help them to feel secure again and give them the attention they need to be able to be adopted into a permanent home.

MAR shelter animals are unwanted pets, found strays and rescues from other shelters. When we take in puppies and kittens, they need foster homes until they are old/big enough for surgery and adoption. A shelter animal may come down with an illness, and a foster home is needed to allow them time to recover in a warm, loving environment. We also occasionally need foster homes to provide additional socialization, recovery from orthopedic/dental surgeries, and to give animals that are stressed a break from the shelter environment.

The more foster homes we have, the more animals we can save. It is important to keep the stray dogs and the newborn puppies in contact with humans. This makes them a lot more sociable and much easier to adopt. Foster homes are also able to provide more specific information on the dog's behavioral patterns and personality that will allow for better and more permanent placement through adoption.

Interested? Apply online! You can also download and print out our hardcopy foster application, then mail, fax (215- 735-6398), scan or bring it in. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Refuge (215-735-9570, ask for Wendy, x1105) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..