Pets Ready For Adoption Here are just a few of the great pets available at our shelter!

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    106904 (Flip, black Lab) 106722 (James, small Chihuahua-mix dog) 106798 (Ashe, Australian Shepherd-mix dog) 106864 (Dutchess, pit-bull mix)
     Flip is a big (and I mean big) happy ol' boy, a 4 year old Black Lab fellow who's good with dogs, cats, and kids, good on the leash, good around crowds - just all around good! Loves long walks. (106904) James arrived in November with his two pups & their mom. They quickly found homes, but he's still waiting! He can be a bit shy at first, but is a friendly & playful guy as soon as he gets to know you! (106722) Playful Australian Shepherd/ Catahoula mix Ashe is an older guy with excellent manners. He walks great on the leash, knows some commands, and is good with older kids, cats, and other dogs. (106798) Duchess is a lovely and loyal young lady, only 1 year old and just  full of energy and playfulness! She really wants to be part of a home with dog experience. Already spayed. Best with older kids/adults.(106864)
    106852 (Spike, pit bull terrier-mix) 106879 (Sam, Boxer/Pit pup) 106815 (Penelope, small Chihuahua-mix dog) 106839 (Bear, Malrtese/Poodle)
    Spike is a very handsome boy! This 1 year old blue Pit Bull Terrier is a serious and loyal guy looking for a person with big dog experience. Gets along well with other dogs. (106852) Little Sam's a sweet boy - a bit shy at first but warms right up and has tons of puppy love to give! Do you have room in your heart and home for this playful 7 month old pup? (106879) Penelope is a petite & lovely young Chihuahua lady! She can be a little shy at first, but once she gets to , know you, she'll hop right into your lap and snuggle up! (106815) Bear's just a ridiculously cute fellow, and boy does he know it! This 1 year old Maltese/Poodle-mix guy is full of energy and excitement - he loves playtime and squeaky toys! (106839)
    106929 (Apple, brown&white tabby cat) 106947b (Pandora, Siamese-mix cat) 106853 (Samaya, calico kitten) 106959 (Cupcake, semi-longhaired brown&white tabby)
    An apple a day ... is wonderful! Apple is a sweet, quiet girl who wants to be your only cat! (That means more love for her, after all...). She's already spayed, so her adoption fee's just $30.
    Stunning Siamese-mix girl Pandora has been making herself at home in the Refuge office lately - she loves curling up on the chairs and "helping" with emails. Such a sweetheart!
    Samaya is an adorable calico kitten, just 7 months old.  She was a shy baby girl when she first came to us, but thanks to some TLC now she's a brave little lady.  Give her a home!
    Meet Cupcake! This quiet & lovely fluffy young lady's just as sweet as her name suggests. Only ~2 years old & very friendly. Sadly, her person can't take care of her anymore - adopt!
     Adopted - 106928 (Miss July, black cat (with a little white tuft)) 106876 (Claudia, orange and white tabby cat) 106911 (Angel Boy, black and white cat) 106924 (Maxine, black and white cat)
    Miss July is as lovely and warm as a summer's day, and as sweet as a slice of peach pie! This cozy little girl is only ~2 years old. She's already spayed, so her adoption fee's just $30. Adopt!
    Claudia is a sweet and laid-back
    gal! She 'd like to lie in the sun, watch some birds, and generally enjoy life in a loving home. She's already spayed, so her adoption's fee's just $30. (106876)
    Just look at that face! Angel Boy is a kind and gentle cat, an all-around great guy who's just full of love. He's already neutered, so his adoption fee's just $30. Go ahead - give him a home! (106911)  Maxine is a black & white beauty queen! This young lady's just ~1 year old and loves to play and show off - she's as much fun as a kitten! Already spayed, so her adoption fee's just $30.
  • 106801 (Shadow, black cat) 106748 (Tiger, orange and white tabby cat) 106808b (Jack, brown and white tabby cat) Photoshoot in progress - check back soon!
    Shadow is a lovely sable lady, very friendly and just 2 years old.  She has some relatively minor medical issues - joint issues, etc. - but with some TLC she should do well!  (106801) Lovely lady Tiger isn't ferocious - she might be one of the sweetest cats around! She has allergies like her buddy Jack (right) and is on the same medication and diet - can you make her wish come true and find them a home together? Call today or come in to find out more! (106748)

    Jack is without a doubt one of the sweetest, cuddliest & most flirtatious cats you'll ever meet! He's a special boy with allergies just like his best friend Tiger (left) so he needs a special diet and an understanding human - maybe, just maybe, one who could adopt them both? (106808b)
    Photoshoot in progress -
    watch this space!
  • 106636 (Spike, black & white cat) 106912 (Abby, orange tabby cat) 106902 (Missy, calico cat) 106744-8 2
    Spike is a sweet old lady who loves to relax & snuggle - the kind of cat every home needs along with hot tea, freshly baked bread, & a comfy rocking chair. Unfortunately, her person was allergic. (106636) Abby is a big ol' sweetie - a calm & peaceful snuggly senior girl! Sadly, her person got sick, so she's looking for a new friend with a warm lap & some love to spare! Already spayed, so her adoption fee's just $30.
    Missy is a sophisticated woman of a certain age. This striking senior is refined and quiet & very lovely. Her owner abandoned her - can you give her a loving home? Already spayed, so her adoption fee's only $30.
    Pretty Penny is a great senior gal with tons of personality who loves soft toys and snuggling! Sadly, her person died, so she needs a new home. Are you her purrfect match? Come and see! (106744)
     106916 (Tiffany, brown tabby and white cat) Placeholder Placeholder 106933 (Tiger Lily, tortoiseshell cat)
    Luxurious senior lady Tiffany's a high-class cat, & a big Audrey Hepburn fan as well. Sadly, the landlord said "no", so this sparkling sweetheart wants to come home w/ you! Already spayed, so her adoption fee's only $30.

    Coming soon!

    Coming soon!

    Lovely Tiger Lily is a quiet & laidback senior tortie lady who absolutely loves attention & petting & especially getting brushed! She was turned in b/c she coughed up hairballs. Already spayed, so her adoption fee's just $30.

  • Photoshoot in progress - check back soon! Photoshoot in progress - check back soon! Photoshoot in progress - check back soon! 106920 (Jack, Tiny Tim, Dex, Vins, Buck, Eden, Diesel, Mike, Jake, CT, CJ, and Nick - fancy mice)

    Photoshoot in progress -
    watch this space!

    Photoshoot in progress -
    watch this space!

    Photoshoot in progress -
    watch this space!
    Jack, Tiny Tim, Dex, Vins, Buck, Eden, Diesel, Mike, Jake, CT, and CJ are 11 fancy mice boys -  friendly, active and playful little guys! Their owner had to go away.  Adopt one or more! Curious? Watch them go (video)! Find out more about domestic mice from the ASPCA.

Animal Adoption

• Welcome to the Morris Animal Refuge's Adoption page. We sincerely hope that you are going to open your heart and home to one of our wonderful animals. Morris' adoption services cover the Greater Philadelphia Pennsylvania Region only - consisting of an area in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We will collect personal information when you submit your Adoption Form to us; however, we will strictly adhere to our privacy policies as explained in the Morris Animal Refuge Privacy Statementwhich we recommend you read beforehand.

• The first step in adopting is to fill out an application. Printed Adoption Applications are available at the Refuge, or you can download our Adoption Application in Adobe Acrobat® pdf format. You can download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader® here.

• Manually completed forms need to turned in to one of our adoption counselors with two forms of identification, one with your picture. Once completed, the adoption counselor will review the application with you. The adoption counselor will tell you if there is any other information needed, as well as when to call back to check on the status of your application

• Alternately, you may fill out our Online Adoption Application on our secure server to speed up the adoption process and make it more convenient for you. This form is on our secure server to protect your personal information which is included on the application.

• The Online Adoption Application includes an electronic signature authorizing the Refuge to make appropriate checks and confirmations concerning your application. When you come into the Refuge, you will need to sign a printed copy of your submitted Online Adoption Application, further confirming your application.

• We begin our review of Adoption Application the next working business day after submission. Application reviews are generally completed within three working days of submittal. It is your responsibility to check with us after that time to determine the status of your application. When you call about your application, we will tell you if you are approved and if there are any restrictions on your adoption. Bear in mind, that frequently an application may get delayed while waiting for all the necessary information from the references you provided.

No animal may be selected until your application has been processed and approved. You are welcome to walk through the shelter to view the animals, but only individuals with approved applications may handle animals out of the cage.

• Once approved, you may come in to select any animal that fits the guidelines of your approved application. The adoption coordinator will review your selection will make the necessary arrangements for taking the animal home. All animals are spayed or neutered before going home, so it may be necessary to wait a few days before picking up your animal.

• Your approved application stays active for six months if there are no changes in the information. If you do not see an animal you are interested in at this time, we encourage you to stop in anytime to see our current animals.

• We get many requests every day for notification of whether or not our animal population contains specific animals and animal types. We need adopters to first fill out our Adoption Application and have it approved before we can consider such outside requests

• We understand that may sound overly strict and demanding at first, but our experience has shown this requirement eliminates those individuals who are not serious about adopting from Morris. We couldn't possibly keep up with these requests if we didn't cull out the ones that aren't serious, without the requirement of an approved Adoption Application. Our adoption rules are based on the guidelines prescribed by The Humane Society of the United States, and our years of experience in animal adoption. If you have a specific request, make sure our adoption counselors know it, after your application has been approved.

The Morris Animal Refuge reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

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